How Often Should You Check Your Employee’s Driver’s Licence?

This article aims to inform you how often you should check your employees driving licence credentials. Take a look at our website today to get started.

When you have a number of employees who drive as part of their day to day work one of the concerns you will have is whether or not they are legally permitted to do so. Some people would tell you that the initial check during the hiring process is enough but this is simply false.

Regular, be it every six months or quarterly, online driving licence checks are important for any business with a fleet of vehicles. Checking for a clean licence with a new employee demonstrates that they have a clean track record, but without up to date checks you cannot be sure that your drivers have maintained a spotless record.

It goes without saying that you may not want a driver with points on their licence handling expensive company property, especially if the points are for reckless driving. An even worse eventuality is if an employee continues working without disclosing that they are now disqualified, this can land your business in serious legal trouble.

Avoiding these unpleasant scenarios is simple; the regular UK driving licence checks will ensure that your fleet of vehicles is in trusted hands only.

Driver check also provides Vehicle Document Checks; if any or all of your employees use their own vehicles for work then it is vital to ensure that they all meet the UK’s legal road requirements. This includes checking for business insurance MOT and Road Tax, all things that need to be in place before the car is used for work.

So if your company is looking to mitigate risk and maintain the highest safety standards, contact us today.