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We are part of Ebbon Group, the UK’s largest driving licence checking & vehicle compliance business, at the forefront of road risk management for employers in Great Britain, serving more than 1200 clients from both the private and public sectors.

We help you ensure your employees driving licence status is legal and their vehicles are fully compliant.

Via our online portal, you can check and validate your employees’ driving licence credentials and their vehicles.

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Driving Licence Checking

Our software provides the full-proof solution for companies across the UK and Ireland to check their employees’ aren’t putting their business at risk.

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Employee Vehicle Document Checks - Grey Fleet

We make sure if employees are using their own vehicles, they’re abiding by all the legal requirements, including business insurance, MOT and Road Tax

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Road Risk Monitor

Our traffic light system segments drivers into the recommended risk profiles determined by the number of points on their record.

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Foreign Driving Licence Checking

We help employers validate licences for employees  using their Driving Licence from their country of origin.

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Northern Irish Licence Checking

Drivers who use their Driving Licence from Northern Ireland to drive in the UK, can consent to have their Licence validated for their employer by DriverCheck.

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CPC & Tachograph Checks

CPC and Tacho Card commencement and expirey dates are reported into a client’s portal when requested on a driver’s behalf.

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Driving Licence Checks

Driving Licence Checks derived from Access to Driver Data

Our System

  • Online Portal
  • Paperless
  • Intuitive Dashboard Results
  • Instant Checks 
  • Self-Check Facility
  • Automatic Alerting 
  • Full Management Reporting Suite
  • Fully Managed Service or Self Service
  • API System Integration (available to enable you to integrate with any system).
  • CPC & Tachograph Checks
  • Northern Irish Driving Licence Checking
  • Foreign Driving Licence Checking
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Vehicle Document Checks – Grey Fleet

The DriverCheck Grey Fleet Management System will provide your business with a robust, legal and fully compliant management tool. Our solution is vital to manage your drivers, making sure they meet all the legal requirements.

Protect your business
If an employee has an accident and somebody is killed, there could be questions asked about who has given the permission, what the employer’s policy is and what procedures are in place, as well as whether there is insurance on their car, whether the car is fit for purpose and who owns the vehicle.

We help to keep your business safe.

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