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Electronic Driver Licence Checking Service

DriverCheck vote 9.5 by its clients a high value reviews

DriverCheck is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner.

DriverCheck is also accredited with ISO27001 for Secure Data Management.

DriverCheck is an association member of the ADLV – (Association for driving licence verification). [The Association for Driving Licence Verification has been established to promote and encourage best practice within the industry for the initial and continued validation of driver entitlement for responsible employers and road safety].

DriverCheck reports UK Driver Licence Data to its clients, who typically have fleets of vehicles operating in the UK. Drivers of these vehicles will have varied Driving Licence histories, and present a different level of risk to their employer. Are they a risk in your Business?

Drivercheck reports all driver licence data electronically, and clients have access to their Portal 24/7. Both periodic rechecks and immediate checks are supported by Driver Declaration which is provided by either Paper Fair Processing Declaration Forms or E-Declaration. The speed of a driving licence check response is immediate from the DVLA.

DriverCheck is supported by Government Legislation and is endorsed by High Street Insurance Companies because the DriverCheck system mitigates road risk, and addresses the compliance requirements, within businesses who operate fleets of vehicles.

Driving Licence Data – “insight beats hindsight
For all your driving licence checking needs T: 0141 428 3448 or E:

Grey Fleet questions, for Fleet Managers

  • How many drivers use their own vehicles to carry out business journeys?
  • How many drivers are they insured for business use?
  • What vehicles are legally on the road and roadworthy with a current MOT?
  • When is the driver’s car tax / road tax due to be renewed?
  • How are you currently alerting your drivers to a expired item?
  • What way are you storing personal information, is it encrypted & GDPR compliant?
  • How labour intensive is your current grey fleet process ?
  • Would you like to save money & time, while fully automating the process so that things aren’t missed?

The DriverCheck Grey Fleet Management System will provide your business with a robust, legal & compliant management tool. Our solution is vital to manage drivers / employees using their own vehicles for business purposes to protect your organisation and help you meet the legal requirements as recommended by the Health and Safety at Work Act.

“If an employee has an accident and somebody is killed, there could be questions asked about who has given the permission, what the employer’s policy is and what procedures are in place, as well as whether there is insurance on their car, whether the car is fit for purpose and who owns the vehicle,”

DriverCheck validates driving licence data to help mitigate “road risks” throughout the UK. This DVLA data-driven insight assists Fleet, HR & Compliance functions within any business.
Driving Licence Information is supplied to businesses to provide a level of compliance that is easily missed without a robust driver license system in place.

What driver licence Information is returned by DVLA?

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Driver Licence Checking
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Foreign Licence Checking
Driver Licence Checking & verification
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UK Driving Licence Checks, Grey Fleet Service and Foreign Licence Checks

Compliant with security & data protection, & quality guaranteed

Driving license checking by DriverCheck reduces road risk for your drivers


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DriverCheck is fully GDPR Compliant


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What Service DriverCheck will provide

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  • Your drivers driving licences
  • Driving licence entitlement to drive with the DVLA
  • The drivers driving licence status
  • Securely via an encrypted DVLA link
  • In real-time your drivers licence online
  • Driver licence information and verify within our web portal
  • Validity dates of the driver licence and their photocard
  • Report all points & endorsements on the drivers licence
  • Full driver licence vehicle category listing showing your the entitlement to drive
  • That the driver is not disqualified or their driving licence is not revoked
  • Restrictions to drive that your driver has on their driver licence
  • CPC & Tacho card information

Some benefits to your business

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  • 24/7 User access to the DriverCheck system providing your company visibility and control of all drivers driving licences
  • GDPR compliant web-based portal that has granular access for all system users
  • Multisite | Multi-user licences included at no extra charge
  • That each of your drivers has the correct type of drivers licence (Provisional, Full, PSV & HGV) to enable them to drive for work
  • The identification & alerts of all driving offences
  • Understand that the disclosed points and endorsements are correct as per DVLA
  • That there is an address match or mismatch
  • The drivers’ name is correctly identified and matches their record
  • You are informed of all new offences – even if the driver does not tell you.

DriverCheck is registered under BS ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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The standard is designed to ensure that organisations select adequate and proportionate security controls, to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information systems.  An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process. So when choosing a driver licence verification business, ensure you make DriverCheck your first choice to do the driving licence check for your drivers.

ISO 27001 is particularly relevant to DriverCheck where we manage & process information on behalf of our clients, the accreditation offers an assurance to customers that their data is being protected against disclosure, corruption or loss. click here for more ISO27001 info


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We are an association member of the ADLV – (Association for driving licence verification). [The Association for Driving Licence Verification has been established to promote and encourage best practice within the industry for the initial and continued validation of driver entitlement for responsible employers and road safety]. It is imperative when choosing your next driving licence checking authority, that you choose DriverCheck to the driving licence check for your drivers.

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DriverCheck promotes the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and endorses the voluntary accreditation scheme which encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. FORS helps fleet operators to measure and monitor performance and alter their operations in order to demonstrate best practice. It is open to operators of vans, lorries, mini-buses, coaches and other vehicles, and to the organisations that award contracts to those operators. click here for more FORS info