Keeping Your Fleet Safe and Compliant

What is a grey fleet vehicle?
A grey fleet vehicle is any employee-owned vehicle used for business purposes, such as personal cars, vans, or motorbikes. This differs from company-owned vehicles, which are fully controlled by the organisation. Managing grey fleets effectively is crucial for ensuring driver safety and minimising business risks.
What is grey fleet management?
Grey fleet management involves a set of practices to ensure safe and compliant use of personal vehicles for business purposes.

This includes driver onboarding checks, driving licence verification, vehicle insurance and maintenance checks, and implementing clear policies around business miles and acceptable driving behaviour.

How do I check an employee's driving licence?
DriverCheck offers secure and efficient solutions for verifying employee driving licences.

You can choose from:

  • Online Driver Licence Check: Get instant results through their online portal, revealing the licence status, penalty points, and driving restrictions.
  • Self-Check Facility: Employees can conveniently verify their own licences through a secure online portal.
  • Automatic Alerting: Set up automatic alerts to be notified of any changes in driver licence status, like expiring licences or accumulating penalty points.
Do you check any other types of licences beyond UK driving licences?
Yes, DriverCheck offers a variety of solutions for verifying employee driving licences, and other documents, including:

  • UK Driving Licence Check: Get instant results through their online portal, revealing the licence status, penalty points, and driving restrictions.
  • Foreign Driving Licence Check: DriverCheck can verify driving licences from several countries, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • Northern Irish Driving Licence Check: DriverCheck offers dedicated services for checking Northern Irish driving licences.
  • CPC & Tachograph information: For drivers operating commercial vehicles, DriverCheck can verify their Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and tachograph records.
How often should I check my employees' driving licences?
DriverCheck recommends regular driving licence checks:

  • Bi-Annually: To ensure ongoing validity and identify any accumulated penalty points.
  • Before assigning new driving roles: When an employee takes on a new position with driving responsibilities.
  • After certain incidents: Following accidents or traffic violations reported by the police.

DriverCheck offers you the flexibility to choose the frequency of licence checking depending on the business needs.

How can I ensure my driving licence checks are GDPR compliant?
DriverCheck prioritises data privacy and adheres strictly to GDPR regulations. We provide:

  • Explicit employee consent: We obtain clear and informed consent from employees before accessing their driving licence data.
  • Data minimisation: We collect and store only the minimum necessary information for driving licence verification.
  • Secure data storage: Employee data is encrypted and stored securely with industry-standard measures.
  • Right to access and rectify: Employees have the right to access and rectify their driving licence information stored by DriverCheck.

By utilising DriverCheck’s services and implementing effective grey fleet management practices, you can ensure your employees stay safe on the road, protect your business from potential risks, and remain compliant with data privacy regulations.

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