Are you too busy making vehicle document checks to read this? Handling driver compliance across your fleet can be a challenge. But UK driving licence checks aren’t an option. They’re a necessity. With driving licence checks online, you can stay on the right side of the law. But licence checking could also save your company money in the long run – here’s how:


Avoid the costs of non-compliance


As part of your duty of care, your company needs to be compliant with health and safety regulations. And that means checking that your drivers hold a legal licence and are entitled to drive their vehicle. Failure to do so could leave your business open to fines and prosecution, not to mention the potential damage to your brand.

Automating your UK driving licence checks will take care of verifying drivers and highlighting any endorsements. And by setting up frequent checks on at-risk drivers, you’ll have a record of risk mitigation that could protect you against a costly prosecution.


Focus on business, not admin


Are your current vehicle document checks sketchy or time-consuming? Then you could be leaving your company wide open to driver fraud and non-compliance. 

Manual licence checks leave you exposed to critical human error. Endorsements can get missed or misinterpreted, resulting in fines or worse. And chasing your employees for their documents can be time-consuming. By carrying out driving licence checks online, your teams are free to get on with pursuing your growth goals. And when time is money, automating the process for greater efficiency can significantly minimise the costs of a full fleet review.


Minimise operational complexity

Managing fleet vehicle compliance can seem overwhelming. But a fully integrated data management system, including driving licence verification, is fast, flexible and secure. In addition, you’ll have instant access to the data points your business needs through your web portal.

A fully GDPR-compliant system helps your company make multiple efficiencies. From online driver enrolment to endorsement alerts, you can streamline fleet management for long-term savings.


Reduce insurance costs


Insurance is a significant expense for any fleet. And driving licence endorsements can drive premiums higher. Licence checking helps you hire drivers who are endorsement free and keep track of your current drivers so you can manage any potential risks.

You’ll also achieve better oversight of your grey fleet with robust and transparent vehicle document checks. In turn, you can handle any issues before they become costly problems.


Improve your risk management


Licence data can be an invaluable resource when you’re shaping a fleet risk management strategy. Identifying high and low-risk drivers gives you the opportunity to create driver profiles, including age, type of endorsements, licence history, driving patterns and more.

For example, if there’s a pattern of speeding endorsements among your fleet, you could organise a speed awareness course. And effective management of driver behaviours can also promote fuel economy, reducing your operational costs.


Protect the workforce


A well-motivated workforce is one of your company’s biggest assets. And UK driving licence checks are an intelligent way to protect the integrity of your workforce. Vehicle document checks can be integrated into your hiring procedures with driver consent. You’re empowered to make decisions on any red flags, saving your company money in the long run.


DriverCheck for fleet compliance


At DriverCheck, we’re the go-to experts in UK driving licence checks. We’re uniquely focused on overseeing fleet driving licence documents 24/7, leaving you free to get on with business. 

If you’re interested in saving money in the long run with driving licence checks online, get in touch with our trusted team today.