Ensuring those who drive their own vehicle for work are driving legally

Grey Fleet Management

Individuals who drive their own vehicles for work purposes are termed the ‘grey fleet‘.
DriverCheck provides a web based service that will help manage this process and ensure your ‘grey fleet’ duties are legally managed.

Today lots of businesses provide an option of taking a cash allowance for their employees, & fuel expenses, instead of a company supplied car. When an individual uses their own vehicle to driver on company related business the create a risk to the company. The risk posed to the company is the individual could be working outwith the fleet insurance and fleet maintenance. So to protect and indeed mitigate the company’s risk many organisations choose DriverCheck to manage that risk, by utilising the ‘grey fleet’ service.

So drivers using their own vehicle for Business Purposes. DriverCheck wil consult with your business so your business can ask the driver to provide consent to DriverCheck in order for the status of the vehicle to be verified;

DriverCheck will confirm

  • The vehicle has a valid MOT Certification
  • Road Tax validity
  • Business Insurance within the Driver’s Insurance Policy
  • Driving licence check / validity, allowing you to keep all of your data on one system
  • DriverCheck will then report the vehicle information via the Client’s Web Portal, in addition to providing the client with the Driver Licence Record Information.

The system can thereafter be used to remind the individual drivers and report to managers when each of these items are due for renewal.

The DriverCheck ‘grey fleet‘ service is deployed within organisations who have departmental management teams in Fleet, HR, Facilities, Transport, Logistics Departments looking after the individuals within their businesses using their own vehicles for driving at work.

‘Grey Fleet’ Business Justification

  • Reduction of administration time providing a return on investment
  • Remove the need for manual systems that require manual input & not robust
  • One solution for all staff which creates visibility of the information if and when required for all those who drive for work whether company vehicle drivers or grey fleet drivers
  • Fulfill your legal duty of care to your employees as there could be a danger to your business that breaches corporate manslaughter responsibility and the damage to your brand and company could be considerable if not adhered to properly