Fleet Compliance Checklist

How well does your business understand fleet vehicle compliance? Completing driving licence checks online for employees, using company vehicle inspection lists, and completing grey fleet vehicle checks are three examples of steps you can take to work within guidelines.

In this short guide, we’ll cover focus on five key areas – which you can use as a fleet vehicle compliance checklist.

Regularly Inspect Your Vehicles

All commercial vehicles must be tested daily. That’s without mentioning mandatory MOTs and servicing. It’s important to keep records, so you can provide an auditable paper trail if required. More frequent checks may be needed for heavy-duty vehicles that, due to their complexity, have a higher risk of developing mechanical faults.

Track Driver Activity With Telematics

Driver safety is an important part of fleet vehicle compliance. Are your vehicles being driven safely – and what steps have been taken to mitigate risk in the event of an insurance claim? Telematics software reduces the possibility of collisions by providing information about driver behaviour, so you can retrain them where necessary.

Limit Time Spent On The Road

Drivers should not spend more than 9 hours per day on the road. Additionally, they must be allowed 11 hours rest daily. These regulations may change now Britain has left the EU – so we’ll provide further information about these changes when or if they happen.

Create a Risk Management Policy

Incorporating fleet vehicle compliance into your risk management policy could help your business avoid fines and legal fees – and even reduce its insurance costs. Data provided by telematics software will help you build a robust strategy. You may want to appoint a team member to oversee the process.

Driver Certification & Health

Drivers working for your business must have an appropriate licence, be adequately trained, and hold relevant certifications. It is also your responsibility to ensure drivers have a clean bill of health. Failure to conduct such checks could result in fines, legal action, and higher insurance premiums in the event of a driver error caused by a known medical condition.

DriverCheck – Your Strategic Partner

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