DriverCheck ltd is an association member of the ADLV – (Association for driving licence verification).
[The Association for Driving Licence Verification has been established to promote and encourage best
practice within the industry for the initial and continued validation of driver entitlement for responsible
employers and road safety].

What is the ADLV’s remit?

• to represent the interests of its members to the DVLA on policy, legislative and regulatory matters
within a strict code of conduct.
• to act as the conduit in any consultation or similar exercise that is likely to affect Members.
• to represent Member and industry concerns to the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency and
Department for Transport (“DVLA/DfT”).
• to encourage wider take-up of driving licence checking by organisations and the introduction of regular
and appropriate re-checks thereafter.
• to exercise professional supervision over Members through the formulation of agreed minimum
standards of good practice for the industry ensuring Members meet and maintain minimum
acceptable standards of security in relation to the handling and safeguarding of personal data.