Warning you will be asked for your drivers licence when broken down

It’s also important to check what you legally have to carry in different countries in case your car breaks down. For example:

Breaking down abroad

Just like checking your insurance policy, you should also check your breakdown cover before driving abroad. Not all will protect you for overseas breakdowns.

If your policy doesn’t cover you, you can ask for additional protection at a cost. Alternatively, you can search for separate cover solely for your time abroad.

  • France – reflective jackets (one for each occupant) and a warning triangle is compulsory in every vehicle. The motorways in France are also privately managed so law states that if you break down you must use the roadside emergency telephones or dial 112. The police will then send out a rescue company that will tow you to a safe area.
  • Spain – a warning triangle is compulsory, and while reflective jackets are not compulsory to carry you could be fined for walking along the road or hard shoulder without wearing one.
  • Italy – a warning triangle, reflective jackets and a spare tyre are all compulsory.
  • Germany – reflective jackets, a warning triangle and a first aid kit are all compulsory.
  • Belgium – you have to carry reflective jackets and a warning triangle in the event of a break down. If you are driving a vehicle that’s registered in Belgium you also have to carry a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.