Cars will feature speed limiters as standard from 2022

Speed limiters

Under new European legislation, all cars will be fitted with limiters to prevent speeding and aid safety.

In an attempt to help improve levels of road safety across the continent, the European Union has announced measures to limit the speed of all new cars from 2022.

Following approval by the European Commission, all new cars will be fitted with intelligent speed assist (ISA) alongside a series of other safety assistance systems – with the governing body claiming that it could save more than 25,000 lives by 2038.

Speed limiters: technology that can read limits and automatically slow the car down as appropriate. Yes, they will come to the UK whether we remain or leave the EU.

Although the UK may be out of the EU by that point, the assist would still be put in place on UK cars following approval by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency. The VCA has previously stated that it will aligned with EU vehicle legislation even after Brexit has taken place.

The ISA system would include fitting a black box to vehicles, which would use GPS to determine the speed limit of the road, then reduce the amount of power available from the engine.

The speed limiters will not be hard limiters. You’ll be able to switch the system off or push through the limiter with a hard press of the accelerator. At least at first. More strict applications will probably follow in the future.

EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska, said: “With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, we can have the same kind of impact as when safety belts were first introduced.