Security and Quality Guaranteed



  • We store all the data on an GDPR compliant and Encrypted system
  • We Encrypt all data while transferring
  • We Encrypt all data at rest
  • We do not have temporary staff
  • We undertake regular network vulnerability assessments
  • We undertake disaster recovery testing & web application vulnerability assessments
  • We undertake non-destructive tests which are conducted with proactive security assessments and monitoring
  • Regularly undertake internal and external penetration testing
  • We have our own encrypted | secure link to the DVLA
  • We shred all paper documents onsite
  • Staff training and awareness empowers our staff in their understanding of GDPR, the Data Protection Laws
  • Our staff undergo criminal and financial checks
  • All our staff receive regular training
  • All staff undergo a full induction programme
  • All our staff are multi skilled
  • We have an appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • We have a fully documented data structure
  • We deployed a cryptographic infrastructure
  • We have a robust ISO-based Management System (ISMS)

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