Identify ‘Your Drivers Road Risk’ ‘while reducing your workload

The DriverCheck service allows you to manage your drivers driving for your company by exception. The DriverCheck road risk monitor will identify the drivers that represent a high road risk and notify the system user by email. The driver that has to change to their driving licence after a DVLA driving licence check has been run will flag instantly the system administrator reducing the road risk o your business and insurer.

The DriverCheck driver licence checking service monitors and reports on all aspects of the driving licence with advance notice of expiries of categories and photo cards etc. The system will also control all automatic checks to be carried out. The system has a great return on investment as it reduces the administrative burden by generating next check reminders and alerts.

DriverCheck’s comprehensive driver licence checking service provides :


big-tickGDPR compliant and ISO27001 Security Management Certified
A fully encrypted system with secure access to authorised system users
Driver declaration manual form & electronic management with automatic invitations to declare, email reminders
Scheduled automatic driving licence checks and driver record updates
The system is easy to use
Full alerting identifying drivers at risk to your business

Full management reporting suite, all information can be downloaded or exported as required


DriverCheck’s driver licence checking service automatically checks you drivers driving licence with the DVLA to ensure your employees are legally able to drive your company vehicles. The driver/employees must provide permission (via signed fair processing declaration form which is valid for three years), DriverCheck’s service is securely encrypted connecting to the DVLA’s online database to report your driver’s driving licence information back to a DriverCheck’s, online web application. DriverCheck is a licence checking agency also a driver licence check agency. We will check each employees licence checking with our agency. The DriverCheck is the number one agency for checking drivers licences. If your business provides DriverCheck your driver’s details our agency will check and screen the licence through our unique licence screening algorithm. DriverCheck will assist your business with all drivers licence screening. Each employee driving licence screening is done a process that takes the initial fair processing declaration authorisation and then it runs through our automated process. The licence screening process is a secure online employee licence check encrypted system, DriverCheck as a company employees licence check professionals and no third party driver licence checking processors. We run each check via the DVLA licence check online to strict GDPR standards. Start today by ensuring all your drivers are road legal with or online DVLA driving license check facility. Please contact us and start utilising our driving licence checking service & have all checks completed on your driver’s licenses.

DriverCheck can provide a driver licence check service for every driver within your business, we verify a driver’s licence when we provide businesses with a means of doing a driving licence check on each driver electronically. DriverCheck provides driving licence checks throughout the UK, specifically in Driving licence check England, Driving licence check Scotland, Driving licence check Wales or a DVA driving licence check Northern Ireland. So if you require a driving licence to be checked in anywhere throughout the UK then please contact DriverCheck.