Drivers are being warned their cars will be taken away if they are not taxed, as part of DVLA’s national advertising campaign

DVLA campaign   GOV

Using a hand painted, clamped car designed to look transparent, the advert’s message to tax dodgers is clear – ‘even if you think you’re invisible to DVLA, you’re not – tax your car or risk losing it.’

Oliver Morley, DVLA Chief Executive, said:

This campaign targets those who break the law by not taxing their car. While the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the road are licensed correctly, it is only right that we take action against those people who think they can get away with it. The law is clear and so are the consequences – if you don’t tax your car, you risk losing it.

The fact is it’s never been easier to tax your car. Our online system is available 24 hours a day and with Direct Debit you can choose spread the cost over the year; there really is no excuse for skipping vehicle tax. Whilst 98% of vehicles on UK roads are taxed correctly, the DVLA is currently clamping or impounding around 10,000 untaxed cars every month.

DVLA holds the records of more than 39 million vehicles in the country. The advert focuses on the fact that for those who think they can get away with not taxing their car, DVLA can and will take action against them.

The campaign uses the hashtag #TaxItOrLoseIt to remind drivers to do the right thing and tax when it’s due so they will avoid losing their car.

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