DriverCheck reports to its Clients a mirror image of the Driver’s Licence Record. DriverCheck provides data on points and endorsements, categories of driving entitlement, expiring and expired photo cards and driver address information.

Drivers can be fined up to £1000 by the Police if they are caught driving with out of date information on their licence record.

What is my driving licence number?

licence numberThe driving licence number is unique to every driver and consists of 16 characters.

It begins with the first five letters of your surname, six numbers identifying your date of birth, two letters identifying your initials and three random letters and numbers.

How Often Should I Check My Employee’s Driving Licence?

The best practice/advice is to check employee driving licences at least twice a year, you must have a “fair processing declaration form” or an “Electronic E-Declaration” authorised by the driver, this allows the business to check their drivers licence for three years. DriverCheck will help you decide your frequency of driver licence check to reduce your business road risk. So anyone who joins your business can be licence checked at their induction stage or anyone within your business at anytime if they drive as part of their role or is a nominated driver.

DriverCheck points out to all its clients, that drivers can rack up penalty points very quickly and in a short space of time, making it a good practice to check employees’ driving licences regularly, this will help your business identify any drivers who should not be driving or have picked up penalty points / endorsements without informing their employer. Through DriverCheck’s consultative approach on “road risk” employers may, for example, check those drivers who already have points on their drivers licence more frequently than those who don’t. HGV Drivers or drivers working in particularly high-risk roles should also be the subject of regular (quarterly) licence checks.

Drivercheck recognises that drivers who spend time behind the wheel will know that, driving can be very hazardous. The risks are constant, and however conscientious you are when driving, there will inevitably be times when you simply cannot anticipate or account for the actions of other road users. It stands to reason, therefore, that businesses who employ or nominate people who drive or are associated to a vehicle as part of their work, they require to take precautions to ensure fleet compliance. The potential implications of failing to do so are severe – as are the punishments to which offending employers can be subjected.

DriverCheck supplies their clients with ease of use, robust driving licence checking process are can be used by fleet operators to protect their businesses against any potential issues.