If you cannot monitor your Grey Fleet you cannot Manage it


Grey fleet has a cost & impacts on your duty of care

As companies become more aware of their environmental and reputational perspectives within their organisations, they start to understand that Grey fleet can impact on both these areas. DriverCheck has seen a massive rise in the uptake of their grey fleet service due to companies proactively
addressing their grey fleet, their are estimates of around 14 million grey fleet vehicles in the UK.

As many as 22% of all fleet managers do not think there is any serious issue with employees using their own cars for work, however driving can be one of the most dangerous activities undertaken by an employee, statistics show that 62% of private vehicle use is work related, irrespective of ownership, should make Grey fleet management for Fleet Managers a top priority.

By utilising the DriverCheck grey fleet system businesses can start to take control over the grey fleet used for business, and monitor things like the age profile of the vehicles used for business as well as their carbon footprint through emissions. This is just the start ot the benefits, the more obvious ones being ensuring your drivers have business insurance cover a current and the vehicles legally on the road and roadworthy with valid MOT certificate and the vehicle is legally road taxed where applicable.

So whether your business is updating their passport to drive or simply updating its business travel plan, DriverCheck will help you set out objectives and a series of initiatives to deal with the grey fleet.

DriverCheck provides clients with Grey Fleet Automated Solution

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