Grey Fleet Management

Managing the risks that grey fleet adds to your business

DriverCheck grey fleet consultation allows every business to discuss their grey fleet checking requirement. There many areas of risk within an organisations grey fleet, where fleet managers face a number of complex issues managing the safety of the company’s fleet. Any vehicles that do not belong to the company & which are privately owned and used for business travel , may be outside of the businesses company car policy, such as insurance and servicing, meaning these vehicles may not be covered for company travel, and as such fall under the responsibility of the employer.

The issue for fleet managers is trying to keep track of each grey fleet vehicle in the fleet to ensure they meet legal road requirements.

Grey Fleet questions, for Fleet Managers

  • How many drivers use their own vehicles to carry out business journeys?
  • How many drivers are they insured for business use?
  • What vehicles are legally on the road and roadworthy with a current MOT?
  • When is the drivers Road Fund Licence due to be renewed?
  • How are you currently alerting your drivers to a expired item?
  • What way are you storing personal information, is it encrypted & GDPR compliant?
  • How labour intensive is your current grey fleet process ?
  • Would you like to save money & time, while fully automating the process so that things aren’t missed?

Our Automated Electronic Grey Fleet Management Solution

The DriverCheck Grey Fleet Management System will provide your business with a robust, legal & compliance management tool. Our solution is vital to manage drivers / employees using their own vehicles for business purposes to protect your organisation and help you meet the legal requirements as recommended by the Health and Safety at Work Act.

What our Automated Electronic Grey Fleet system will check

  • We will check the drivers driving licence validity
  • We will electronically request insurance from your driver, to ensure all insurance details are correct & the insurance policy includes business use
  • Our system will process an electronic validation of the MOT, to ensure the vehicle where applicable has a current MOT certification
  • The vehicle where applicable has had the necessary vehicle excise duty checks & the road tax is valid
  • Provide you with a management reporting
  • The system will send your driver specific expiry reminders | alerts
  • System alerting

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