If your business has employees or nominated people that drive for business or have the use of a company vehicle to drive then your business should carry out driving licence checks on your employees.

If it is your business, you must show a duty of care to those employees to ensure they are legal and safe to drive for or on behalf of our business.

Driving licence checks explained

Driving licence checking is conducted by DVLA and DriverCheck provides the web portal to view the information from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) so your business can see your driver’s licence check results online real time.

DriverCheck’s service will produce a result where the employer can review the status of the driver, to ensure the driver has a valid driving licence and is licenced to drive. The employer will be empowered by the transparency of the information which will produce such things like the number of penalty points the driver has, or if the person is disqualified and the drivers restrictions to drive and much more.

Who driving licences should you check?

Every person within your business that is employed that drives for or on behalf of the business and any nominated third party that has access to a company vehicle, each person should go through the driving licence checking process.

Grey fleet drivers / company car users / in fact anyone that has access to a vehicle that is used on work associated business needs to be driving licence checked.

Driving licence checks and employee benefits

Checking a driving licence of a person that drives on associated company business has a number of benefits by their company carrying out a driving licence check.

If you company carries out a driving licence check through DriverCheck they are showing a duty of care towards you, while protecting the business thus providing you with the confidence that your company looks after your interests.

You business will have the visibility and control of the employees driving licence to ensure the have the correct categories of entitlement to drive and are complying with the restrictions of their driving licence.

The DriverCheck road risk monitor will focus your business on road safety on who’s driving licence you should check with a greater frequency to reduce the road risk and in turn making the roads safer for everyone.

Businesses need to stay compliant and have to meet the correct driving regulations and legislation, by utilising the DriverCheck system it will mean your company will meet its obligations and reduce any risks surrounding drivers licences.

The implications of not carrying out driving licence checks

This is not an option for your business or your insurer, both require to ensure that the driver is properly licenced to driver, if no they are simply driving illegally, and instantly form a high risk to your business and brand reputation.

Should one of the drivers within your business be involved in an accident or incident and were driving for your business then your business could be held to task or face a court appearance where your business is fined and investigated under health and safety legislation, at the worst under the corporate manslaughter legislation.

Unfortunately the DVLA does not have a push data stream the driving licence data has to be requested and pulled back to the DriverCheck portal, so it is very important to ensure the frequency of checking of your drivers licences are checked regularly especially if they already have penalty points, convictions or disqualifications, to assess the road risk to your business.

We recommend you should not trade the price of a driving licence check off against the significant financial and corporate problem your organisation will have if something happens, so check your drivers licences today do not wait on an incident or accident.

Delivering driving licence checks on your employees

If you deploy DriverCheck within your business, it means after the employee completes the declaration (consent) we can carry out a DVLA driving licence check and you will be able to review the results instantly online through our web portal.

DriverCheck provides some very unique attributes, these are passed to their clients, such as no minimum contract period advance payments or software licences or fees, DriverCheck does not charge for advance credits you pay a simple price per check – so you are in control.

The DriverCheck umary page makes big data very simple and easy o understand, every area of a driving licence and every driver can be analysed down to a granular level, so you will be able to monitor and manage  every driving licence at a glance, DriverCheck’s intuitive software also proactively alerts you to any problems within the driving licence after the check has been ran with the DVLA, so no more missing business critical driving licence information.