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About Our Experts & Our Unique Core Values

The DriverCheck team is a group of professional people with joined up thinking. We are driven by a set of core values that define who we are and how we deliver the ideal Driving Licence Checking customer experience. With these values in mind, the Drivercheck team work passionately to ensure all our clients and customers are happy, our business is succeeding and that DriverCheck is a fantastic place to work.

DriverChecks has two crucial goals to provide a vibrant and engaging working environment for the DriverCheck team, plus provide them with the opportunity to exceed our clients expectations each & every day. We are passionate about what we do – based on our client feedback.

Recognition at DriverCheck

Everyone at DriverCheck, from customer advisers to company directors, is recognised for the vital contribution that they make. Working with our clients, serving our customers and keeping everything flowing smoothly – it all forms the backbone of our driving licence checking service offering. That essential hard work is important to acknowledge.

DriverChecks Integrity

Part of what makes this company a great place to work, and a great partner for our clients, is the core belief that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. That means leading by example and placing an emphasis on positivity and fair play. Focusing on integrity means doing things the right way for everyone, including our clients.


DriverCheck is the “dream team” – a focused and dedicated family of employees. We hold the success of the company over personal interests, and place little value on ego when it comes to getting things done and doing them well. As a united workforce, we achieve small daily victories by assisting our clients as well as large-scale successes winning new clients.

DriverChecks Commitment

Our company has considerable assets, but the most valuable of them all is our word. At DriverCheck, commitment means keeping the promises that we make – whether they are to colleagues, customers or clients. Without the strength of our word, DriverCheck would not be the successful strategic partner it is today.

Transparency is Key

DriverCheck has recently embarked on gaining client reviews  to allow prospective clients to make informed and smart choices when they’re thinking about driving licence checking – all our reviews are open to the public and our clients are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences since boarding with DriverCheck including about everything from the service to the product and process.

DriverCheck believes in total transparency to ensure reviews are legitimate to help our prospective clients choose a credible driver licence checking business, not based on popularity but based on a solid reputation of a company that they can trust, benefiting everyone in the process.

Your Opinion Matters

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 Credible Innovation

Innovation often stems from a problem requiring a solution, the DriverCheck’s solution promises a common sense approach that is both proven, measurable, providing our clients with the all  crucial return on investment. DriverCheck consistently invests in its systems and professional credentials which we are very proud of.

Security & Quality
Government Supplier
ISO Accreditation
GDPR Compliance
ADLV Membership
FORS Membership

The DriverCheck Wow Factor

We continually seek to provoke delight, create amazement and go the extra mile for the people we work with. Our partners know that DriverCheck will always work to achieve more and evolve in the right direction. With that in mind, our people continually strive for the wow factor.

All We Do Is Check Driving Licences

DriverCheck fully understands checking Employee or Nominated driving licences, might not be the most exciting subject in the World, however what the do know is the importance of data & people integrity.


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